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Clearing All Product Data In Magento

Today we just want to share a little script we use on a regular basis that we thought may come in handy for a few of you out there. This simply clears all product data from your Magento installation – very handy if you import your data on a regular basis and it needs refreshing […]

Magento Daily Maintenance Script

This is just a short(ish) post for anybody interested in setting up a little cron job to keep your Magento database a bit tidier. The cron job itself is quite simple, it truncates some ‘not so necessary’ tables in your Magento database (mostly logs) and then goes on to re-index everything in Magento as a final step. […]

Magento Shoplift Bug (SUPEE-5344) & How To Fix It Once Infected

On February 9, 2015 Magento issued a patch for the Shoplift Bug (SUPEE-5344), a vulnerability that opens you up to potential remote code execution exploits. Unfortunately, I have had to deal with two sites that weren’t patched in time and fell victim to the exploit. Looking round the web there was a lot of information letting people know the […]

Social Media Power Playbook 2015

How can you utilise social channels in 2015 to have the best effect on your business? It’s 2015! Facebook is still on top, Twitter is still Tweeting, a little white and yellow ghost has had us all snapping and chatting and every waking moment seems to be recorded with a selfie. This year we are truly in […]