The Power Of Strong SEO In 2015

What will differentiate your SEO from your rivals in 2015?

Let me give you an example of powerful SEO in action…

In early 2015, a popular financial services company increased their unique web hits by 200%. They did this by taking a little time to analyse their most effective keywords and then implemented keyword rich content and smart SEO tactics to link their site with these new keywords. Of course knowing the keywords you need is just one piece of the puzzle.

The following SEO tactics will contribute to your strong SEO strategy in 2015.

Find new keywords.

The Google algorithm has changed so much in the last 5 years. Keywords that once dominated search strings for your industry may be penetrable again.

Get up-to-date on your keyword research and see if there are some high traffic / low competition keywords that your business may perform well for.

Monitor the competition.

What are the number one ranked players in your industry doing? Don’t be a copycat, instead evaluate what works for them and adapt it for yourself. There are tons of handy tools out there that can help you with this one.

Think to yourself, why is your competitor ranking better for specific keywords? What are they doing right SEO wise? And perhaps most importantly what can you improve upon? Combine these ideas together, act upon them and logically speaking you should start to see improvements in your own site rankings.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

If your site is not optimised for mobile, do not expect to be on top of your competition. Everything is becoming mobile nowadays and as a result Google and other search engines are starting to use this as an important ranking factor. Recently Google has even started tagging sites as ‘mobile-friendly’ on search results pages so that users can know if your site is suitable for them before they even decide to click on it.

Making your site mobile-friendly isn’t the only concern either, making your mobile site even more mobile-friendly is also important (confused much?). A study by the infamous SEO company BrightEdge has suggested that errors in mobile configuration accounted for a 68% drop in internet traffic over a 3 month period. That means your competitors could potentially be picking up a nice chunk of your traffic if their site is more device aware.

Measure it!

It’s really simple to forget what you’ve done and move on to the next task at hand, but you have to remember to track progress because measurement of your ranking is absolutely key. Set yourself goals and targets to get to where you want to be, track what is working well and keep an eye on what is not working then act upon it.

Get to grips with your analytic tools and find out if your changes have made a positive impact. If they did then good! Keep it up. If not that try new tactics and see what works for you.

Search engine optimisation is an infinite task, there is always something new to learn, some way to improve on what you have and as if all that isn’t enough search engines are always keeping you on your toes with algorithm updates.

When in doubt Google is your friend (and sometimes enemy). If you get stuck on something, chances are someone has already been in the same position as you and there is an answer lurking around on some SEO blog just like this one (except not as sexy).

Bonus Round!

Above we have outlined some general optimisation ideas for this year with regard to SEO, but here are a couple of our very own predictions of what might be the next big ranking factors rolled out by Google and others.

User experience is becoming ever more important when it comes to search rankings. Mobile optimisation and general website accessibility could play an even larger part than they already do. So, the moral of the story is to make sure your site widely accessible for everyone (except IE users – they can change browsers).

HTTPS is a hot topic right now and is expected to become a ranking booster real soon. SSL certificates are never fun to install and configure but that being said it will probably be worth your while in the long run to get one sorted.

There you have it, some SEO tips for your on-line presence in 2015. Hopefully some of the information has given you food for thought.

What do you think are some other important ranking factors? Let us know in the comments.